An highlight in Cordoba’s gastronomy is a delicious dish that is served cold and which people can enjoy at any time of year.

It is a dish that is consumed at home almost every day by people living in Cordoba. It is also served in almost every bar and restaurant in the city. People are such fans of this dish that there is even a Cofradía (a group of friends, a club).

Regarding Salmorejo: its origin is related to the rudimentary ways of grinding cereals, flour, water, almonds, thus creating a kind of soup, which is known as «La Mazamorra», also of Cordovan origin, we could say that it is like the origin of salmorejo.

When tomatoes becoming part of gastronomy in Andalusia after the discovery of the “New World,” salmorejo evolved and acquired its characteristic colour.  New household appliances have created changes in the texture, glow and flavour.

The main secret is the quality of the raw material. The result is excellent if it is of a high quality. We also have to highlight the fusion, the new ideas, the need to create something different with traditional bases, the challenge of gastronomic art that never ceases to exist in every kitchen. So, now they surprise us; beetroot, orange, mango Salmorejo and many other flavours.


Discover on YouTube many videos with different elaborations. A gift from Cordoba for the whole world, enjoy the salmorejo!.