“Unique, natural, charismatic», that is Barbara, the owner of “El Tecolote i.e. Mexican Cravings,” the very popular AUTHENTIC Mexican Restaurant in Cordoba! Going to El Tecolote is quite an experience; we are going to get to know it a little better… Viva Mexico!

EA!: So what is El Tecolote and what can we find there?

Bárbara: It’s a small premises where we can enjoy Mexican food “just like at home.” The idea is that our diners are left with the feeling of having had a meal, at my mother’s or my aunt’s home, on any day of the week, for example.

In El Tecolote we make very tasty homemade food, which can be enjoyed in good company.

Full of colour and happiness, our premises have been defining our clients and moulding to them, so that we have gradually been able to adapt to their needs. El Tecolote has customers of all ages.  It is great to see how a child eats a guacamole or an elderly person enjoying some tasty chilaquiles.

EA!: What is the difference between your place and others where Mexican food is available?

Bárbara: When my husband and I were contemplating the idea of El Tecolote, we didn’t doubt for a moment that it should also have a “real authentic Mexican flavour.”  We were quite sure that going to El Tecolote would have to be just like going out to a diner in any part of Mexico. Clients, who have been there, recognise that and say that just one mouthful reminds them of their stay there.  Natives who live here always come back again and they also recommend us. Even tourists come back again from one year to another.

Of course what has given us our basic distinction is that we like cooking, for example we have bookings with custom made menus for groups and dishes on request and at weekends we usually make a dish that is not included in the menu, as well as making Mexican desserts. We do breakfast bookings too, because we want everyone to feel welcome.

EA!: What is #ElTecoloteSeMueve  (ElTecoloteMoves)?

Bárbara: #ElTecoloteSeMueve is our constant off premises presence.  We have taken part in fashion shows, we went to the first Cordoba Business Women’s Fair #ExpoMarcaMujer  (ExpoWomen’sBrand). And currently #ElTecoloteSeMueve is available for festivity hiring and private events like weddings, dinners at home for celebrations with friends, snacks for children’s parties, for a reception welcoming committee.  We have just finished taking part in the “Bicycle Day” as sponsors. In fact, everywhere we go outside of the restaurant with our El Tecolote Mexican Cravings brand and identity.

CORDOBAN – PING-PONG (EA! asks, Bárbara answers)

A narrow street?, San Francisco, I love it.
A typical dish in Cordoba?, For me, aubergines, they have been a real discovery.
A popular festival?, Without a doubt my favourite is The Patios.
A fragrance?, In spring, Cordoba smells of orange blossom, which is a real privilege.
A square?, La Corredera.
A time of year?, Springtime.
A church?, Santa Marina, a magnificent architectural beauty.
Any advice for those visiting Cordoba?, Come between February and May. See it on foot or by bicycle.



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Calle Pintor Velázquez nº 7, Córdoba, España.

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