Describing her art is describing her as a person: incredibly creative and versatile, sensitive, calm, sensitive and deep thinking.    Her many works of art acquire a green life and always emit pure nature, Maria Ortega Estepa (Cordoba, 1983).

She is an artist with a degree in Fine Arts, who lives and works in Seville.  She finished her education in the Academia di Belle Arti in Milan as well as in specials workshops with street art since 2008, the year when she came into contact with Saharan people through her first mural contribution in a political conflict context.

Since then her activity is not only limited to a support or a specific place, as she does her work both in public and private areas.

This proposal for the project «Made in Barrio» on Calle Miraflores 20 (Córdoba), uses green elements, surrounding the map of the neighbourhood, both create a single transforming element, which inspires beauty, life and growth, just like the neighbourhood in the Sector Sur (Southern Area).

Among her work we can highlight: Mural «Latido Capaz» a mural work in Seville in the Pablo Montesino Special Needs School. It is work that was done in collaboration with the students in the centre. One of her last interventions was carried out in Reina Sofia University Hospital in Cordoba in ICU, where with the light and shadows of her green brushstrokes gave more human closeness and warmth to «Caring and Loving,» which is a project in collaboration with the Alalá Foundation.

CORDOBAN PING-PONG (EA! asks, María answers)

A narrow street?, The Calle Los Judíos.
A typical dish in Cordoba?, Salmorejo (my mother’s).
A popular festival?, The Patios.
A scent?, Night blooming Jasmine.
A Square?, Las Doblas (It brings back the best memories from when I was a teenager).
A time of year?, Spring.
A church?, San Lorenzo Church.
Some advice for those visiting Cordoba?, Its splendour is in spring. Cordoban April and
May, full of lights, smells, tastes, emotions and streets full of magic.