Very straightforward, smiling, and full of energy, she creates close, subtle conversations, her stories overflowing with gentle wisdom and perception.  That is her, simply FREE, like the air that the good wines of the land need and which are honoured in each of the Tastings With Isa celebrations. Not to be missed!

A professional in the international trading market, she has come back to her place of origin, in Cordoba and created Caracol Tours, a pioneer agency in slow tourism, which she specialised in when she was in Japan. Offering exceptional tourism experiences based on deep-rooted Cordovan traditions close to wine, olive oil and Iberian products.  Spreading the word and sharing the excellent regional products in a close way with both tourists and the local public in her Tastings With Isa«.

EA!: What is so special about the D.O.P. (Protected Denomination of Origin) Montilla-Moriles Wines?

Isa: They are fortified wines from Pedro Ximenez grapes, which, due to the high suger content and thanks to the high temperatures of our land and our powerful natural yeasts, permit dry sherry to be obtained with 15° natural alcohol content. The fine grape skin and the abscence of rain at the end of summer in Cordoba also makes Cordoba the empire of sweet wine made from PX dried grapes with thousands of hectares converted into sun drying areas for the dried grapes every September.

EA!: Are they wines that are served in a restaurant or pub?

Isa: They are wonderful gastronomic wines.  Imagine a table in a good restaurant: we start with artichokes a la montillana and dry sherry (in a wine glass please, never in a wine taster’s glass); then we have prawns al pilpil and amontillado, perfect for seafood and spices; oloroso sherry is unquestionable with oxtail and finally oranges “a la antigua” with a cold Pedro Ximenez. Irresistible!.

EA!: How did you come up with the idea of wine tasting in a patio in Cordoba?

Isa: It was when I organised a visit to Cordoba for a group of Japanese flamenco dancers in 2016.  Among the activities I suggested a cooking lesson in the Casa de los Azulejos Hotel with Manuel Luque and we decided to invite the Montilla-Moriles D.O.P. Control Board to manage the tasting.

EA!: How do you see the future for wines from Cordoba?

Isa: I am very optimistic. We are in a golden age, where important restaurants have become our best ambassadors, both in Spain and abroad. The I Congress of Andalusian wines recently held in Madrid is also the first joint effort to promote Andalusian wines by control boards from Montilla-Moriles, Jerez-Manzanilla, Condado de Huelva and Málaga.  This, together with the work well done by our wine cellars, the fact that wine consumers are learning more and the constant pressure from the Association of Sommeliers, predicts a great future for our wines.

EA!: Does “Tastings with Isa” offer wine tasting and oil tasting too…?

Isa: «Tastings with Isa« is the gourmet part of Caracol Tours: offering the tourist who is not able to go to our wine cellars and oil mills the possibility of getting to know our vineyards and olive groves in Cordoba through the palate, in tasting events in very different settings such as a bar, a patio, a 5 star hotel, a wine cellar and even a restaurant that serves Asian cuisine, where we combine wine, oil and saké!.

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Lovers of fine wine, fine dining and original initiatives are all in luck. I offer you a wide range of possibilities for enjoying a first-rate wine-tasting session, regardless of whether you incline to the traditional or are more adventurous, whether you’re from Córdoba or elsewhere, whether you speak Spanish or prefer your tasting to be conducted in French, English or Italian… you’re all welcome!

CORDOBAN – PING-PONG (EA! asks, Isa answers)

A narrow street?, La Calle Los Judios
A typical dish in Cordoba?, Cardos esparragados.
A popular festival?, Montilla-Moriles Wine tasting.
A fragrance?, Orange blossom in Spring.
A square?, Tiberiades Square.
A time of year?, Springtime
A church?, Any of the Fernandine churches.
Some advice for people visiting Cordoba?, Seek the services of “Caracol Tours” for an unforgettable holiday.