An energetic, artisan, entrepreneur woman, with a sparkle in her eyes, receives us in her workshop in No 9 Calle Tomas Conde.  It is a charming, exquisite area, where we can find her stunningly brilliant, seductive pieces of art.  Something not to be missed!

EA!: When and how did you discover your passion for working as a silversmith?

Ana: I noticed it from a very early age, both in my grandfather’s and my father’s workshops, which have been part of my life. I liked it so much that designing pieces was like playing for me.

EA!: What is the main style and characteristics of your pieces?

Ana: My pieces are contemporary silver jewellery but with a look that goes back to the past with nuances of fine antique jewellery from Cordoba.

EA: What do you want to say with your jewellery?

Ana: Something that I really need for my artistic expression is a current, bold, enhancing recovery of the ancient Cordoba in silverware, with an exclusive identity, of course.

EA!: The Patios collection, which you designed, is very special, why?

Ana: Yes it is, because it is the first time a plant pot is worn as jewellery, hanging on earrings or on necklaces and bracelets.  I thought that being designated World Heritage gave it a special, unique significance and that a lot of women would like to feel proud of these beautiful plant pots and wear them as jewellery.

EA!: Regarding men’s jewellery, are you working on any project?

Ana: As mother of three boys, I have always wanted men to take good care of themselves, to dress well and wear jewellery, of course.  It just used to be the typical tie clip and cufflinks but there are a lot of jewellery accessories that a man can enjoy and stand out, so we are creating special collections for them.

CORDOBAN – PING-PONG (EA! asks, Ana answers)

A narrow street?, Calle Tomás Conde.
A typical dish in Cordoba?, A perol (a way of cooking rice) a paella out in the countryside and shared with friends.
A popular festival?, The Fair.
A fragrance?, Orange blossom.
A square?, Patio de los Naranjos (The Courtyard with orange trees in front of the Mosque).
A time of year?, Spring and autumn.
A church?, San Francisco Church in La Calle Feria.
Some advice for people visiting Cordoba?, The main thing that is most important is to have at least 4 days to be able to enjoy it, as well as comfortable clothes and good footwear. A hat is also essential in summmer.