CARMEN MORAL PEREZ, directora, escritora y actriz incombustible.

A cheerful, idealistic entrepreneur; she is a relentless creator of cultural projects, which stimulate our minds and remind us of the humanity that is sometimes asleep, in the recesses of our mind. That is how Carmen Moral communicates with the world through art and for art. She is a never tiring director, writer and actress. She defines herself as a creative woman and starts her flight on paper or on stage, as if her life depended on it. Let’s go into her dressing room.

Which has been your most adventurous project?

Creating LA INTRIGA TEATRO (THE INTRIGUE THEATRE) as a theatre company that looks stable as a project with a sound plan for the future. Nowadays, when culture in Spain is still seen with askance and mistrust, investing in the theatre is a risky business. We live in a world where we are surrounded by powerful people who want to silence art because they don’t want people asking questions, which is why cultural VAT recently reached 21% by the way… which is an absurdity! I see the theatre as an instrument for social reflection, but I am well aware that artists make it very difficult for us.

What are you currently working on?

I am working on the continuous improvement of my plays:  like “Extraña en mi piel“ (Strange in my skin), a multidisciplinary play with a heavy load of gender that talks about the concept which I coined as a “showpiece woman.” Another play is “Nuestras soledades” (Our Solitudes), which investigates our deep fear of solitude or the comedy “Penalty al muerto” (Penalty for the dead) which plays the lost affection game.  They have also put me in charge of the theatrical direction of “La nube blanca” (The white cloud) for the Theatre Infanta Isabel in Madrid. Now new words are flowing out of my pen that talk about the never ending death of women. I will coordinate a new theatre festival in the province soon.

Escena Mujer Escaparate – EXTRAÑA EN MI PIEL

What is missing from córdoba in terms of culture?

Cordoba is lacking a broader view in artistic matters, in accepting the fact that their culture, their contemporary artists and innovations should become more involved in the political debate.  Promoting more cultural events and alternative areas that really do take risks. We are lagging behind in this commitment to new artistic trends. We have settled down in a bourgeois armchair theatre, that doesn’t tip us onto the floor. If the public doesn’t go to the theatre, then we will have to take the theatre to the public. If the unpredictable is not available to the public then they will never find new interests.

PING – PONG CORDOBES (EA! asks, Carmen answers)

¿Una plaza?. La Corredera as that magical place where I have lost hours.
¿Una calleja?. The street called La Luna.
¿Un plato cordobés?. Salmorejo with ham.
¿Una fiesta popular?. The Patios and their wide variety of colours.
¿Un aroma?. Jasmine.
¿Una época del año?. A blooming spring.
¿Una iglesia?. Any Gothic church.
¿Un consejo para visitar Córdoba?. Go and see the attics in front of the Guadalquivir, where some innovative cultural events are held.