dePATIOS is a new company that is in one of the most central and historical neighbourhoods in the city, called Alcazar Viejo, it is one of the most traditional neighbourhoods, full of patios, taverns and popular bars where the best typical food from Cordoba is served.

THE PATIO IN CORDOBA, which is considered to be an example of a common area in popular architecture, an architectural fusion of the Roman and Muslim world, has created an exceptional culture through the centuries in Cordoba.

Our route runs between 5 contest patios among the most awarded and emblematic in our city.  There are private dwellings, where you can enjoy the owners’ company, while they share their stories and anecdotes and explain how they take care of and maintain their precious legacy throughout the whole year.

We also provide an accommodation service, which consists of 5 double rooms equipped with all comforts.  They are found in one of the popular patios in Cordoba and each and every one of our guests, who rents a room, will be able to enjoy the authentic atmosphere of the Patios in Cordoba.

EA!: What are the Patios in Cordoba?

dePatios: The patios are a living expression of the city, they have been and still are a meeting place for the houses in Cordoba, where the heart and soul are said to live.  History takes us back to the most ancient time, especially Roman and later to the fusion achieved with the presence of the Moors, who included the essential element of Water in the Patios, among other distinctive influences.

Since being named as Immaterial Human Heritage (2012) there has been a considerable rise in the number of national and international tourists along with the intention of revaluating this attraction that we had and which did not occupy the position which it deserved, as it is doing now.

EA!: What impression do they give tourists?

dePatios: It creates a feeling or climate of admiration that is a little difficult to describe, perhaps similar to poetic perspectives. So the sensation that the tourists give, is that they give them more life, they fill the Patios. They enter the patios, where there are stoic columns, ancient walls and stones together with green plant pots, foliage and colourful expressions that enjoy the music of their fountains. Photographs of Patios.

 The future still promises much more. We can see why THE PATIOS are so important and deserve being named as Immaterial Human Heritage. Nowadays, talking about them is inevitably mentioning them as a synonym of Cordoba and that is very important considering that it is a city with a lot of history, with a lot of architectural and artistic wonders and unique attractions, among which Los Patios are included.

CORDOBAN – PING-PONG (EA! asks, Turismo dePatios answers)

¿Una calleja?, Duartas.
¿Un plato cordobés?, El flamenquin .
¿Una fiesta popular?Festival of Los Patios.
¿Un aroma?, Orange blossom and carnation.
¿Una plaza?, San Basilio.
¿Una época del año?, Spring.
¿Una iglesia?, Nuestra Señora de la Paz.
¿Un consejo para visitar Córdoba?, Not to be in a hurry.

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