Cantante cordobesa de Flamenco/Pop – Entrevista a India Martínez

   Born in Cordoba on October 13, 1985, now 34 years old, we interviewed Jenifer Yésica Martínez Fernández, whose racial features and musical tastes are so peculiar that we have known her since she was 17 years old as India Martínez, a Spanish singer with special charm.


When did you become aware of the magic of music and what was the beginning of your career like?

   Well, I don’t think I was even aware of the awakening of this magic within me. I remember melodies or songs that I listened to on a tiny radio and my mother asks how it is possible for me to remember if I wasn’t even two years old… ha ha ha. Well, like everything it all starts very nicely and full of dreams, but at the same time it is also very difficult. Dreams cost more when you start from the bottom… But if you don’t give up, you can achieve your goals.

Cordoba is, without a doubt, a city that people love, what do you love about cordoba india?

   I love everything about Cordoba and my people. I find the past, the history and beauty of Cordoba are all enhancing; there is nowhere else with so much cultural wealth.

You are not currently living in cordoba, how often do you come to cordoba and what do you like doing when you are here?

   Sometimes months go by without me coming to Cordoba, but when I am here I enjoy seeing my family, going out into the countryside with friends and cooking paella, walking around the historical area or going to the Esmeralda Stand where they sell escargot and eating as many as I can, I love escargot.

If you had to choose 5 of your songs, Which ones would you choose?

– Sobrellevé.
– Sueño con la marea.
– Vencer al amor.
– Olvidé respirar.
– Ángel.
– A mi no me hables.

Because each one tells a story and marks a time in my life…

Where do you find inspiration when you are writing your songs?

   In what is around me, in what I feel or think, in Flamenco…

One of your performances is dual duetos, where you give us the gift of beautiful songs together with other national and international singers. Which singer would you like to perform a new duet with and why?

   Each duet is a gift for me; it is a mixture and a fusion of styles, of life’s lessons and cultures. Sometimes they appear without any intentions, let them come up and later I will tell you about it…

You are currently on tour, what can you tell us about the palmeras tour?

   Each time I go up on stage, I connect with that little girl from the Las Palmeras neighbourhood, who dreamt of singing and travelling around the world playing music. And on this tour we are going through a lot of emotions, new songs and those that we must include that are personal and vigorous…

This tour has only just begun and I must say that it is going to be even better than the one before.

Ping Pong cordobés: (EA! pregunta, India responde)

A Square?. Plaza del Cristo de Los Faroles.
A time of year?. Spring.
A narrow street?. Calleja de las Flores.
A popular festival?. Los patios.
A scent?. Jasmine.
A typical dish in Cordoba?. El Salmorejo.
A tip when visiting Cordoba?. Open your heart and enjoy it..