DEPORTE Y SALUD – Belén Recio, cordobesa campeona de España.

I am happy opening the sports world to people who don’t even have sports shoes in their wardrobe, the changes in their lives makes me feel very proud of them. My current personal project is to be happy.

EA!: What do you feel you gained from top level sport?

Belén: Top level sport made me get to know all the nooks and crannies of my body and mindperfectly well. I always talk about both the physical and mental level because so many years in top level sport have taught me that they go hand in hand.

I have recovered from all kinds of lesions and had patience. I suffered day in and day out, but I have been strong enough to be able to esist. I have been under pressure and I have been able to enjoy things despite that. I have learnt how to lose and how to win, which is needed to succeed. 

Thanks to sport, my sport, my life’s great master, I was able to fulfil my dream and be a professional athlete, travel around the world and become aware of the wonderful city that I live in, my Cordoba, the magnificent gastronomic variety and the charm of its streets. 

Don’t just stay with the Mosque but discover all the magic of its streets, squares and museums.

EA!: ¿Cómo influye la alimentación en el deporte?

Belén: For a sportswoman, diet, along with getting a lot of rest is the key if they want to reach the peak, as well as recovering well in the hands of doctors, physiotherapists or chiromassage practitioners or psychologists. “We are what we eat,” we can recover our muscles without the need for more supplements by simply having a good diet. Good hydration is essential for the maintenance of more flexible muscles and to prevent cramps or torn muscles.

Being able to reach 100% depends on nutrition, which is the foundation of a healthy body and mind.

EA!: What is the ideal frequency for doing physical exercise?

Belén: A little physical activity every day would be great. Doing sport makes us feel physically and mentally well.

Doing things carefully and without hurrying, magic does not exist, but we can make magic exist. People who train have changed their lives by changing their priorities, taking care of themselves and eating correctly, there are no more secrets.

Magic appears from doing sport and the movement in our body and in our brain makes you feel unbeatable and we can’t live without it.

PING–PONG CORDOBES (EA! asks, Belén answers)

A narrow street?, Calleja de las Flores.
A typical dish in Cordoba?, Salmorejo & Tortilla (spanish potato omelette).
A popular festival?, The Patios.
A fragrance?, Orange blossom.
A square?, Tiberiades Square.
A time of year?, Springtime.
A church?, San Francisco.
Some advice for people visiting Cordoba?, Investigate all the magic of its streets, its squares and museums.