OIL LOVE YOU, un AOVE cordobés que te enamorará.

Antonia Barea Calmaestra is the life and soul of Oil Love You and belongs to the latest generation of families that love cultivating olives for the production of extra virgin olive oil. Having had a financial education, he decided to launch this project, into which he has dedicated all his passion. He wants to share this AOVE (EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL) with everyone who has poured olive oil onto their family’s breakfasts, lunches, snacks and dinners.

Why did you decide to start up a project like Oil Love You and what would you say makes it stand out from the rest of the AOVEs (EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OILS)?

It all began as a tribute to my father, who spent his whole life growing olives.  Combining something traditional like virgin olive oil with an innovative name, like Oil Love You, is what makes us stand out.

Is the quality of AOVE (EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL) sufficiently appreciated by we people in Spain?,  What should be done to make people appreciate it more?

We know that the healthiest oil is virgin extra olive oil, but are people aware of the fact that for this natural olive juice to be considered a virgin extra olive oil it has to be approved by a highly demanding tasting panel as well as a chemical analysis that guarantees its highest quality. An AOVE (EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL) has no organoleptic deficiencies, that is why we are so proud of being the largest producer of this liquid gold in the world.

A line of gourmet products and special personalised editions of your bottles have been launched in the Fiesta de los Patios. Do you see Oil Love You as something more than a food product?

Oil Love You is gradually growing. We already have oils flavoured with black truffle, pearls, jams and we wanted to innovate by linking our Fiesta de Los Patios to Oil Love You, so we converted the containers into something that is attractive, and a souvenir from our city.  Leonel Hernandez had the idea of the Patios and has chosen the Artisan Patios for the implementation.

PING – PONG CORDOBES (EA! pregunta, Antonia responde)

A square? La Corredera.
A narrow street? Calleja de la Luna.
A typical dish in Cordoba? Fried aubergines with honey.
A popular festival? La Fiesta de Los Patios.
A fragrance? Carnations.
A time of year? Winter.
A church? La Magdalena.
Some advice for people visiting Cordoba? Take your time, don’t hurry. People love every nook and cranny that they visit in our city.